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Gencon - Reflective - Clip to Collar Figure of Eight Lead

Gencon - Reflective - Clip to Collar Figure of Eight Lead

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Product details

Introducing the Gencon Clip to Collar Lead - Reflective. This innovative lead is designed for maximum convenience and safety, offering both functionality and style. The all-in-one dog head collar lead (also known as a figure 8 collar) allows control over your dog while you walk. When your dog pulls, both loops tighten, lightly restricting the wholehead so the dog backs off from the restriction. Only gentle pressure is needed - there is no need to jerk.


Key Features:

  • A reflective strip that enhances visibility during those early morning or late evening walks. 
  • The lead end can be made to form a handle or can be clipped to your dogs own collar forming a loop which will give you added confidence when walking your dog.
  • If you walk your dog on your left side choose the 'Left Handed' lead option or the 'Right Handed' lead option if you walk your dog on your right.


When we first rescued our Saluki Lurcher, Murphy, in Nov 2020 this lead was literally a game changer as he was lunging at other dogs, cats and squirrels!! As he learned that walking to heel and in a relaxed manner was more comfortable he settled down and was much better behaved on our walks. Three years on and the lunging has stopped although he is still keeps an out out for those pesky squirrels!! Over the last 2 years a number of my customers have used this lead and it has really made a positive difference.


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