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Toozey - Heavy Duty - Non Slip - 10 Metre Training Lead

Toozey - Heavy Duty - Non Slip - 10 Metre Training Lead

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Product details

Introducing the Toozey 10 meter training lead which is durable and non-slip.


Key Features:

  • 10 meter line - excellent for training, ball playing and recall training.
  • Non-Slip Rubber - easy to handle on rainy days or when its been dragged through the mud! 
  • Soft handle with durable nylon material, the handle is suitable for all sizes of  hands!
  • Easy to loop and carry once your adventure has ended then pop it in you free storage bag 
  • Two reflective stripes so you can find your dog easily in a dark environment or at night.


As a dog walker this is my 'go to' long lead/training line for dogs that can't be fully let off the lead but need some freedom to run and explore. It's really tough and can be dragged through undergrowth without getting snagged. It can also be rinsed off with warm water and towel dried ready for your next adventure.


If your dog sometimes shows signs of aggression towards other dogs then this lead gives them ability to 'have a sniff' without the restriction of a shorter lead.  


If you need to bring your dog back quickly and their recall is not the best then you can gather the line in and bring them to heel. It is also a great way to train your dog with a toy, ball or treat and encourage them back to you with a gentle tug as you use your recall word.



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